Silent Heroes

On November 27, 1964, 12 men boarded their SP-2H Neptune (the actual aircraft they were flying is shown above) and lifted off from Naval Station Kodiak to carry out what they expected would be just another routine mission. For these men, and others like them, the Cold War was exactly that – cold! And on this day, it would be no different as they headed for the waters between the US and Russia where this crew of silent heroes, later known as the Cape Cod 12, would search the icy waters below for Russian subs.

Very few people in our nation knew of these men, of their squadron, or the “24 hours a day, 365 days a year” sacrifice these men carried out silently in order to protect our nation – to defend our borders – to ensure our liberties at a time when the frayed edges of failed diplomacy were frightfully visible to the world.

The flight of the Cape Cod 12 was ill-fated. Just one day after families throughout our nation had sat down with their families for their Thanksgiving dinners and had bowed their heads to thank God for the gifts endowed upon them by His grace, these 12 men and their families made the greatest of sacrifices as they gave all that anyone could ever ask.

This is not the first web site designed to honor these men. Owen St. Clair, who was working at Cape Newenham as a young man, built and maintained a site for a number of years to honor the crew he called the Cape Cod 12. This new site is nothing more than an extension of his dedication to carry on the memories of these 12 men.

While some details about the crash are provided here, the primary purpose is to commemorate these men and remember them as fathers, brothers, sons, and friends. There is also a website that honors this crew and other men of Patrol Squadron Two who have given their lives in defense of our nation. You can view that site at