Witness Account

Owen St. Clair in 1964 at Cape NewenhamIt is logical to ask why Owen St. Clair began the first website to honor the crew of Cape Cod 12.  I think the answer is simple; he did so because this tragedy has affected him almost as much as it has many of us who lost family members or friends.   Owen was employed at Cape Newenham as a young man in 1964 and while he did not see the actual crash of the aircraft, he saw the plume of black smoke and knew something was wrong. He drove his ice cat to the Air Force base and reported what he had seen.

After more than forty years of memories, after more than 40 years of honoring the crew of Cape Cod 12, he has agreed to share his memories of that tragic day not only for the benefit of the surviving families and friends but to preserve the history of this accident.

Owen’s Story